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At Lenrys we believe that you would want the same quality products

that you use for your horse, for your pets too. The same love, care and attention

has gone into making these products, what we believe to be, the best on the market.

Products that work, are safe to the animal and cost effective for the owner.

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Spray-on puppy shampoo


Spray-on puppy shampoo

Specially formulated to create a tearless shampoo gentle enough for a puppy’s soft skin. Ideal for touch ups, without the need for full bathing. Contains clove and coconut oil.

H43 - 350 ml £10.99 Add to basket

Spray-on water free shampoo


Spray-on water free shampoo

Simply spray on, massage into a lather and towel dry. Ideal for use whenever bathing is not practical or for spot cleaning. Absolutely brilliant

H49 - 350 ml £7.99 Add to basket

H52 - 3.785 l £31.49 Add to basket

Spray-on Dog Shampoo


Spray-on Dog Shampoo

Brightens, conditions and detangles. Naturally soothes skin irritations. Creates a shiny, healthy coat and deodorises, leaving a pleasant fragrance. Plus, the unique spray-on system is easy to apply -lathers more quickly and uses up to 50% less shampoo per bathing. Just spray-on, massage into coat and rinse. A little does a lot more.

H44 - 350 ml £10.99 Add to basket

Coat sheen and conditioner

Coat sheen and conditioner

The first after-shampoo leave-in conditioner created for pets. Just spray on, towel-in and brush out to promote easy detangling and luxuriant shine.

H40 - 350 ml £7.99 Add to basket
H41 - 3.785 litre £31.49 Add to basket

First Aid spray

Horsewise Shampoo

Same powerful properties as pure TeaTree oil in an easy to apply spray-on formula. A great way to apply the qualities of the oil to cracked paw pads, dry itchy and irritated skin.

H47 - 350 ml £7.99 Add to basket

Premium Pet Shampoo


Healthy cleansing formula naturally PH balanced  for pet's skin and coat. Helps soothe skin irritations due to insect bites. Moisturises & conditions coat  & skin leaving it clean, soft and in peak condition,  leaving your pet with a pleasant fragrance

H37 - 350 ml £7.99 Add to basket
H38 - 3.785 litre £31.49 Add to basket

Joint & Mobility Formula for Dogs

H56 - 1 box £15.99 Add to basket

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