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At Lenrys Associates we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, natural horse and pet products in the U.K. and Europe. Combine that with excellent trained staff and the highest quality customer-service, we believe that we understand the horse and pet owners needs and have produced a range of products to match those needs perfectly. 

In an ever increasing market it is easy to be swayed by claims that products are free from animal by-products or that they are indeed "natural". At Lenrys we guarantee that all products, be they for the horse or pet, contain absolutely no animal by-products.

We understand how important it is to give your horse or pet the highest quality products, allowing you the peace of mind that you are giving the best to your loved one.

Horsewise Skincare Products

Horsewise Skincare ProductsHorsewise Skincare Products


Horsewise Herbal Products

Horsewise Herbal Products

Petwise Care Products

Petwise Care ProductsPetwise Care Products


Orthopaedic / Heated Pet Beds

Orthopaedic / Heated Pet Beds


Lenrys Associates is the trading name used by Natural Choice Ltd

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