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Helps mares to deal with the hormonal changes which occur during the breeding season maintaining performance levels and reducing aggressive and unpredictable behaviour. 1 month supply for an average horse.

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No Flies Naturally

No Flies Naturally

No Flies Naturally is a natural product with an active ingredient of P-Menthane-3.8-diol as used in mosquitoe repellent. It is very long lasting and proven to be effective.

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First Aid Spray

First Aid Spray

Previously known as "Miracle Mist".  First aid in a bottle, formulated with 100% Tea Tree oil. Helps sooth minor cuts, scrapes and bites. Effective on skin irritated by flies and midges as well as controlling reactions to micro organisms found in mud. Effective in the battle against midge related irritations and rain irritated skin.

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Horsewise Shampoo

Horsewise Shampoo


ph Balanced formulation gently removes dirt and grime to leave a horse gleaming. Emollients help repair hair and skin eliminating risk of dull, lack lustre coat. Soothes dry irritated skin and minor scratches.

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Coat sheen and conditioner

Coat sheen and conditioner

Leave in conditioner perfect for after shampooing or when you want to restore beauty and condition to mane, tail and coat. pH balanced with Vit A, E and panthenol. For showing appearance it repels dust and leaves no oily residue and can be used under saddle or harness.

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Elite Leather Conditioner


Elite Leather Conditioner

A unique blend of waxes and oils to clean, protect and preserve the natural beauty of leather. This new product is water repellent for additional protection, and keeps leather soft and supple, leaving no oily/ greasy deposits. Is suitable for most types of leather. Enhancing the appearance of the leather, it can be used on tack, boots and all leather upholstery dispensing from an easy to use flip top 350ml bottle.

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Plaiting Spray


Cleans, degreases and creates the perfect mane for plaiting. It Hooks in a pocket or belt loops to allow both hands free to work but still be easily assessable. Creates a workable mane for neat and tidy plaits, whilst leaving a perfect shine to them once finished. Ideally for cold mornings when you don’t want to have to bath the mane prior to plaiting! It is also very effective used under a tail bandage to create a neat and tidy tail when competing.

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Dermosolve ™ with Tea Tree Oil

Dermosolve ™ with Tea Tree OilNatural ingredients in cream form to sooth and promote an ideal environment for natural healing.
As seen on TV.

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